1.) Do you ship to my location/ PIN Code ?

Ans. We ship to all  locations in India.

2.) Do you ship to International addresses ?

Ans. Yes, we ship to all prominent locations of US, UK, Canada, Europe, SE Asia and Middle East. In order to be doubly sure about service to your region/country, please Whatsapp : +91 81782-87323

3.) What's your Buy-Back / Exchange policy ?

Ans. We offer a very transparent Buy-back and Exchange policy. Please read it here


4.) Do you have gifting options available?

You will be given the option to add a custom gift message to your packing slip at checkout.

5.) Do you have any physical stores?

theshoppingtree.in is a web-based retailer only. Although we are working on launching a store soon. May be in 2023 only :)

6.) Once I register on your site will I be able to view my order history?

Once you are registered on our site you will be able to view current orders as well as previous ones.

7.) I have bought an earrings from you. Its big for me. Can you exchange for some other products?

We have earrings in all sizes and each product has description with product dimensions. Customers are requested to use a small 15 cms scale to guess the exact size of the earrings using the dimensions we have provided. It takes just few minutes to do that. Some customers require big size earrings and some require small size earrings. But photograph shown is not scaled to size. For that reason we have measured the height and width of the product and mentioned in description. We can take returns, if the product sent is not as shown in picture and not as per dimensions mentioned in description.

8.) I have chosen a necklace. I don't want the earrings or I want to chose an earrings which is shown in some other necklace set?

The products are combined with matching earrings only. Its not possible to mix and match between earrings shown in one necklace set with earrings shown in other necklace set.

 9.) I have a picture of a Jwellery design. Can you make it for me?

Customers please note that we don’t make custom designs.

10.) I am also doing online business. I want your pictures without watermark. I will let you know once I have sold the item?

We sell only products and not pictures. Pictures which are uploaded in our website are meant for viewing the designs only.

11.) I received one of the pictures shown in your website from some other whatsapp number and the price was lower than shown in the website. I gave order and the product is not as shown in picture?

The Shopping Tree can assure that the products which are shown in the website will be as shown only if the orders are placed at www.theshoppingtree.in. There are many sellers, who copy the design and make a fresh piece with cheap raw materials made of zinc alloy and give it at very low prices. But the finishing will not be original. We have received many such complaints from customer who get the pictures that are shown in our website. The Shopping Tree is not responsible for any such loss arising out of  such transactions.

 12.) Do you take COD orders?

Yes, we do take C.O.D (Cash On Delivery) orders.

13.) How can I Check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order by the email notifications that are sent to you. Also, you can log into your account. 

14.) When will I receive my order?

You can receive your order in 4-7 working days after the dispatch depending on the location in india.