Trendy Necklace Designs to flaunt in 2024

Trendy Necklace Designs to flaunt in 2024

Today’s brides are looking for pieces that reflect their personal style while honouring tradition. Some style along with sanskaar!

Let’s explore 5 Necklace designs for the contemporary bride that blend the timeless of modern aesthetics and traditions, ensuring every bride finds a piece that resonates with her heart. 


Jasleen Dabi Kundan Necklace 

The jasleen Dabi Kundan Necklace Featuring a captivating floral motif with sparkling Kundan stones, this gold-plated ensemble is meticulously crafted to add a regal touch to your bridal look. Its symbolism of two lives becoming one complements the modern bride’s look while keeping the essence of traditions alive.


Kisma Dabi UNCUT Kundan Necklace

 The Kisma Dabi Kundan Necklace showcases uncut Dabi Kundan stones arranged in a captivating design, creating a beautiful and unique aesthetic. With its intricate detailing and high-quality craftsmanship,  It’s perfect for the bride who desires a piece rooted in tradition and reflective of her modern sensibilities.

Parineeti Inspired Necklace Set 

The Parineeti Inspired Necklace Set  is a chic and contemporary ensemble, drawing inspiration from the style of the Bollywood icon. This eye-catching set features a unique design with statement elements that exude modern glamour. It’s an emblem of love that’s as infinite as the circle it boasts.

Deep Double layer Kundan Necklace

The Deep Double Layer Necklace is a chic and versatile accessory that adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any ensemble. With its unique design featuring two layers, offering a subtle yet striking expression of commitment. It’s a reminder that love, in its purest form, is as refreshing and revitalizing as a drizzle.


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